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My name is Christina Forêt. It's French. I'm not. But my husband is and obtaining a circumflex in my name is my greatest accomplishment to date. 

My story starts in South Carolina where I was born. Followed by a few entertaining chapters living on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and another year in Nashville. I finally found my home in a man named Blaise. We spent our first few years of marriage in a hippie mountain town- Asheville, North Carolina. All of this, only to start our little family in Greenville where I drew my very first breath. The south has an inescapable charm about it and I grew tired of trying to pretend otherwise.

I'm a mama, a wife, an ex-wedding photographer, a wannabe writer, future youtube sensation. Currently obsessed with cooking and working out. That last sentence makes me laugh because it’s so far from who I was a few years ago. But it’s also exciting, how much we can grow and change and shift and still be who we are.

I love sharing my life with those around me. Sometimes that translates best through photographs, sometimes through words, and sometimes gathered around a table with a bottle of red wine and a cheese spread in the center.

If you'd like to work together or just say hi, contact me here.