Dairy Free Bulletproof Coffee Recipe (aka Dairy Free Keto Coffee)

Dairy Free Bulletproof Coffee Recipe (aka Keto Coffee)

Much to my husband’s disappointment, I’m no coffee snob. I can enjoy a good French Press. If someone wants to make me a pour over, I’ll allow it. But I’m also 100% content with my good ‘ole Mr. Coffee maker. As long as I get my morning coffee, it doesn’t matter so much to me how I get it. What does matter to me is what I put in it. It’s changed a bit over the past few months as I’ve been experimenting with different ways to make Bulletproof coffee.

Trying to explain to someone what Bulletproof coffee is usually involves an awkward conversation about why you are adding fat to your otherwise seemingly healthy beverage in order to… lose weight? Get used to the side-eyes my friends! In a few months, you’ll be getting a different kind of side eye;) The added fat helps to boost energy, improve mental clarity, and keep you fuller longer. I drink my coffee first thing in the morning and it keeps me full until lunch time. I usually eat breakfast around 11am or noon.

I’ve made Bulletproof Coffee a few different ways - with heavy whipping cream, grass fed butter, ghee, coconut oil - I’ve tried and like them all. But today I’m just going to share with you how I currently make it in my day to day routine- it has a little less calories and is dairy free. If you are first starting out, you may need a little extra fat (the butter) to stay fuller longer. I recently switched mine up because I was finding it hard to stay within my macros with the amount of food I was eating. If you are having that problem, give this recipe a try.

Dairy Free Bulletproof Coffee Recipe (aka Keto Coffee)

MCT Oil. Multi Chain Triglycerides that come from coconut oil. You can even use coconut oil for your MCT Oil- you just have to use A LOT more of it, and I don’t love the way it taste. MCT Oil is flavorless and is a more concentrated version. It is great for gut health, weight loss, brain power, boosting energy, and raising your ketone levels. I get mine online from Perfect Keto. (Use promo code: CHRISTINAFORET for 15% OFF). I like this brand the best because the founder is a doctor and also because It doesn’t contain any soy, dairy, gluten, or artificial sweeteners.

Nut Pods: I’ve been using this creamer lately to cut back on dairy a bit (I still eat cheese though so don’t get it twisted.) It’s made from almonds & coconuts. You can buy it on Amazon or Thrive Market. And I finally found it at the grocery store- but sometimes it’s not with the other creamers in the cold section. It’s over with the nuts and almond milk that isn’t refrigerated until after you open it. 

Stevia: The one I used today is the Whole Foods brand, 365 in a liquid version. ( Sometimes I use Pure Via you can buy at most grocery stores or on Amazon.) Use whatever brand you like but READ THE INGREDIENTS!! A lot of brands contain dextrose or maltodextrin... one of the side effects of maltodextrin is weight gain! I used to buy “Stevia in the Raw” because it sounds like the most pure form, right?? Nope! Contains maltodextrin. I could go on a whole rant but that’s another blog for another day. I’ll just leave it at check the ingredients on everything you buy not just stevia! Maltodextrin is in some salad dressings, taco seasonings- even the beloved Ranch seasoning packets. 

Blender or Milk Frother: This is an important step! You have to blend it together. Otherwise, the oil sits at the top and every time you take a sip, you will look like you are trying real hard with the lipgloss. My favorite method for blending is using a handheld milk frother. Mostly because it makes me feel fancy- but also because mama ain’t got time to wash a blender every morning! (Just like everything else in the world, you can buy a milk frother on Amazon.)

Dairy Free Bulletproof Coffee

Christina Forêt

Servings: 1



  1. Brew your coffee.
  2. Add 1 TBSP of MCT Oil. (If you are new to MCT Oil, start with 1 TSP and work your way up.)
  3. Add 2 TBSP of Nut Pods Dairy Free Creamer.
  4. Add 5 drops of liquid Stevia. (More or less depending on how sweet you like your coffee)
  5. Blend. Use a hand held milk frother or pour into a blender to mix in oil.
  6. Enjoy!


  • Serving: 1
  • Fat: 16g
  • Calories: 150
  • Carbs: 0
  • Protein: 0
Dairy Free Bulletproof Coffee Recipe (aka Keto Coffee)

Let me know if you try this recipe and what you thought in the comments below! I’m looking forward to sharing more about what I eat and different recipes.