Fall Break Co. 2016

Y'all! It has been a ROUGH month. I bit off more than I could chew. Again. And I've been reminded of it every single day for the past few weeks. It has not been pretty! BUT on Monday, we kicked off our 4 day retreat Fall Break Co. and I got to sit around a table with 75 beautiful and creative people. This night was just a dream I wrote on paper in secret, a dream I later told Blaise-It was a dream that I lived out on Monday night surrounded by the best people. My parents drove an hour and a half to see it come to life, my best friend since college Angela was there, my roommate from when I lived in Hawaii Kelsey was there, all of my Asheville fam who make Asheville Folk happen- Tyler, Sarah, Sadie, Sarajane, Megan, Shonie, Zak, Maggie, Rebekah and of course my husband Blaise who is always reminding me that I can do hard things. Lauren, who came into my life at the very perfect moment, Alex of Lucky Penny Creative who I knew I needed- but I didn't know just HOW much I needed her. She showed me every single minute (somehow without rubbing it in my face.) One of my favorite inspirations and the most lovely person, Ruthie Lindsey was there. Our new friend and most quoted speaker Rocky Garza was there. Along with so so many new friends- the kind of friends I dreamt we'd share a table with. And in that evening surrounded by all of the best people, I remembered why I always bite of more than I can chew- because it's worth it. Every single time. 

I'll probably spend the next year reliving all of these magical moments via the wonderful world of Instagram and I'll spend my lifetime thanking all of the friends who made this week the magic that it was. So let me start with my sweet friend and amazing photographer Sadie Culberson who shot not one- not 2, not 3 - but all 4 days of Fall Break Co. (She's crazy, I know.) These photos mean so much to me.